The arch bending machine type RBM is used produce bent profile plates from double standing seam profiles. Applications are, for example, dormers, round arches, domes, vaulted roofs, etc. Depending on the material being used the bending radii are continuously adjustable, starting from a radius of 400 mm.

The arch bending machine RBM 50 is used for convex cylindrical bending of double standing seam profiles with a profile height of 50mm. As an option, profiles with a height of 38mm may be bent by replacing the bending rolls.
Applications include cylindrical bending of profiled plates for roof dormers, round arches and barrel roofs. This process can be utilized to produce conical and oblique profiled panels and to form special shapes such as straight – curved – straight panels. Depending on the application, this may require several cycles.

The machine is adjusted by means of a hand wheel for centre-to-centre dimensions ranging from 300 to 660mm. Servo motors and manual controls semi-automatically adjust the pressure setting that depends on the bending radius, the materials and on the profile height. The machine is also equipped with four castors (all four with brakes) that enable optimised placement and securing within the working area.

The control panel is used to select the required pressure values in accordance with the table. Here you may also adjust the desired working speed from 0 - 12 m/min during the bending process. To ensure smooth passage, the difference in speed between the upper and lower bending head may also be adjusted via the control panel. For this purpose, each of the two bending heads is equipped with a separate frequency-controlled drive.